In the ultra-portable category, 100-liter tank capacity, belt driven air compressor is an excellent product. It contains 12.4 CFM at 145 PSI pressure with a water drain valve and wheels. The pump inside this device is the standard belt driven version that requires little to no maintenance over the years.

There are many tasks this compressor can handle. And, if you use this for general inflation jobs, you will never be disappointed. Its components make it recognizable and the most selling product in the market. FIAC Ab100/360m Belt Driven Air Compressor 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz offers good value for money and is packed with some useful features such as a 3HP motor and 2800 RPM speed for optimum performance.

Here are a few other features that will let you know why compressor of reputable brand FIAC is perfect for household inflation:

Noise Level

This compressor from FIAC is one of the quietest air compressors in the market. At just 72dBA, its low sound output provides a silent work environment. With a belt-driven, maintenance-free pump designed for durability, this quiet compressor can last you a long time.


FIAC AB100/360M belt driven air compressor is an economical choice. The main reason is that its efficiency is directly related to the money you have spent on this item. At first, you need a slightly big budget to buy this product. However, once you have bought this, you will get the worth of your money because of its features and functions. It has the capability to solve the tasks of inflation in your home in a matter of seconds.

Power supply

FIAC Ab100/360m Belt Driven Air Compressor 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz has an electric power supply which makes it one of the most popular compressor product in the market. It doesn’t require too much power, but does the same amount of work. So, this product is usable in the long run. Apart from this, it has a 220-240 V motor which is already fitted in so you don’t need to worry about installing it. Also, it doesn’t require high maintenance like other compressors. FIAC uses its aptitude to bring air at 145 PSI to efficiently power more than one air device concurrently.


FIAC AB100/360m Belt Driven Air Compressor 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz is an excellent unit that is featured with wheels and handles to ensure maximum portability. This product is durable, easy to use, has spot on ergonomics and a lot of customization options to play around with. Make the purchase today of this product if you need a device for household pumping tasks. This air compressor will not let you down. We recommended buying this product because of some of its killer features including, 50 Liters/min air displacement, 3HP motor, economical and power supply that are hard to find in one unit.

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