Practical Uses of 220 Volt Mixer

Food processors and mixers are the resident multi-taskers of the kitchen. The all-around types can slice, mix, and dice, whip up pasta sauces and complete your recipe in a matter of seconds. Investing in a powerful 220 volt mixer is like investing in an all-purpose kitchen tool that can make your life a lot easier. If you are the type of home chef who only uses the default blade and never whips out any of the attachments and accessories that come with your food processor, you are totally missing out. Here are more things you can do with your kitchen mixer:

  • Puree soups and sauces – If you think that home mixers are only for slicing and dicing, you are definitely not using your device to its full potential. Modern food processors come with attachments to help you cook up the smoothest purees (or some chunky sauces), according to your taste.


  • Prepping up salsa, dips, pestos, and spreads – A food processor is the perfect tool for salsa/dip prep work, especially with all the chopping and fine grinding involved in the process.
  • Making pasta dough – You may prefer to knead your dough manually, but your food processor can help you work your pasta to perfection, thanks to its even cycle.


  • Grinding meat – If you find yourself out of ground meat, but in dire need of it for your recipe, you can simply toss in chunks of frozen meat into your food processor, which can act as an instant grinder for these types of emergency meat situations.
  • Grinding, milling, shredding – Making bread crumbs into cookie crumbs, grinding whole grains into flour, making nut butter, fine-grinding nuts, and shredding cheese are also great ways to maximize the use of your mixer.


  • Whipping up homemade mayonnaise – Your food processor can also serve as your third arm, which can help you whip up a perfect batch of homemade mayo.

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