How to Choose the Best Portable Blu-Ray Player

Blue-Ray players provide excellent, high-resolution, and high-fidelity video playback which makes them the ideal entertainment device for the consumption of rich media content. Thanks to modern miniaturization techniques, portable versions of this robust video playback format are now available to the general public. Discreet electronics and modern manufacturing practices have paved the way for smaller and more portable devices and this gave rise to Blue-Ray devices which can fit on the palm of the hand while delivering the same high-quality performance.

Portable Blue-Ray devices can be taken and used virtually anywhere. These models have built-in high resolution LED displays that can play back video on the go. Some models are even equipped with dual screens for better viewing angles and a split screen functionality. Dual channel audio jacks allow for the use of multiple headphones simultaneously so you could share the crisp, high-quality audio over 2 pairs of headphones. Auxiliary output is also supplied to let you connect to external speakers and displays for the full theater experience on the go. A portable Blue-Ray device can also be installed and incorporated with a car or RV’s built-in entertainment system so passengers can enjoy 5.1 surround sound and high resolution video via car mounted screens while in transit on the next family holiday. Portable Blue-Ray players are multisystem compatible, which allow them to play back video no matter the format or regional encoding.

A good portable Blue-Ray player should have compact dimensions so they can easily be carried in a small bag or in your luggage. Most good players have screens that fold in neatly and has really small dimensions and a very slim profile. Battery power must also be ample for long term use so you can enjoy your videos for longer especially when going on long trips or for camping holidays.

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