Buying Guide for Sharp Microwave with Grill

The microwave has become an essential part of any kitchen because of the many different functions that it can do. It’s not just for instantly reheating foods or drinks—you can also use to thaw and even cook certain kinds of food. Recent advances in microwave technology have also made this kitchen workhorse even more useful. The Sharp microwave with grill in particular is a hardworking, multitasking kitchen staple you wouldn’t want to be without.

A grill and microwave in one

Gone are the days of using toasters or grill pans in order to cook your favorite grilled meals. Sharp has incorporated the grill option to their microwave. By just pressing a button, you can instantly grill your food in minutes. The number of minutes depend upon the type and size of food you will cook. The Sharp microwave comes with a tray where you can place the meat or vegetable that you want to grill.

You can ‘combo cook’

You cut reduce the amount of cooking time by choosing the combined heating power of microwave and grilling. Use the preset buttons that alternate grilling and microwave time to completely cook your meals.

A useful auto menu

Instantly heat your food depending on its type. Simply use the auto menu button for popcorn, pizza, potato, frozen vegetables, tea, coffee and dinner plate.

You can defrost products based on time and weight

Sharp has revolutionized the way you defrost your food. You are given two options. One, you can defrost your food using ‘time defrost.’ By pushing this button, you can set the amount of time the defrost function will run. ‘Weight defrost’ is the second option that you can use. If you don’t know how much time it will take for the microwave to defrost your product, you can just input the weight and the microwave can automatically set the time for you.

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