How the Menumaster Commercial Microwave Works?

Menumaster offers a line of commercial grade microwave ovens that provide fast and easy cooking for any kitchen, with a range of economical models which feature easy operation and maintenance in a compact package.

These commercial microwave ovens have a higher energy output rating of 1400 watts and operate on 220 volts to provide faster cooking time and ensure that the food is evenly and well cooked through and through. The oven interior does not require a vent hood, unlike other models. This reduces installation and maintenance costs. It can accommodate a 6 inch deep pan which allows you to cook or reheat single food portions with ease.

Menumaster commercial microwaves also employ dual microwave antennas (one on top and one at the bottom) to provide even cooking and heating of food—a unique feature that most other microwave ovens in the market today don’t offer. Menumaster microwave ovens also feature longer maximum cooking times to simplify and expand your food preparation options. Each Menumaster oven can be pre-programmed with up to 100 presets with up to 4 cooking stages each which offers a dynamic and flexible food preparation that can accommodate any change on your food menu.

Menumaster microwave ovens are built tough using food grade materials and are thoroughly tested for mechanical integrity of their moving parts to ensure a long service life and safe operation. They are designed with exceptional tolerances to ensure that the doors and openings have a snug fit to keep heat in and maintain safety while in use. They are also finished with a ceramic internal coating in the interior oven space to prevent food splatter and spills from sticking to the cooking surfaces. In addition to the non stick surface, the oven interior is also given rounded corners for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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