Benefits of Buying Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo Online

Shopping for your home appliances online gives you the benefit of easy product selection and price comparisons all in the comforts of your own home. Catalogs from online shops offer you a wide array of products suitable for your needs. A good example of these products is the Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo, which is marketed towards families looking for a washer that is easy to use for the whole family.

Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo units feature the ‘tilted drum’ design to provide easy access for the elderly and even for younger members of the household. The drum interior is also illuminated with soft blue LED when the door is open for good visibility while getting your clothes out. The single drum design, with a 6kg dry load capacity, allows for automatic washing and drying in a compact form factor that is suitable even for the smallest home laundry areas. It is also equipped with fully programmable controls and 16 wash cycle programs, which are simple and easy to understand and use. The washer is equipped with a powerful and efficient 250 watt,220 volt motor, to deliver efficient and thorough washing performance. A built-in heat pump is used to dry your clothes during the dry cycle as a novel solution for drying your clothes.

Added value is also fitted to the washer with features like a mold clean tank, zero power standby, a self-cleaning/tank cleaning course, built in bus pump, a display that shows cycle time remaining, 30db quiet operation and others that offer great value for its price in a nice compact package. Add to that the top quality build and Japanese precision and design, the Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo is an excellent choice for any household looking for a compact, easy to use washer and dryer combination without breaking the bank.

Author: samstores

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