Guidelines for Buying Step Up & Down Voltage Converter Transformer

Transformers are designed to increase or decrease the supply of voltage to an equipment. You can either buy a step up transformer or a step down transformer, depending on the purpose for which you need it. If you are in search of a step up or step down voltage converter transformer, here are some of the factors to consider:

Remember to leave slack for the transformer

This means that when you buy a transformer, you need to put an allowance between the normal operating capacity of the transformer and the rated voltage of the appliance. If you are using a 600-watt device, for example, you need to get a transformer that has a higher voltage supply than 600 watts. A transformer that runs on maximum capacity continuously can damage the unit.

The TC-10000B transformer is a heavy duty transformer that converts 220/240 volts down to 110/120 volts and vice versa. To protect the transformer, the brand uses a fuse that is connected to the device.

Check the wattage of the device

If you are on a budget and can only spend so much on a step up or step down transformer, you need to determine the actual wattage of the device you want to power. If you will only need 50 watts for your device, you may want to get the WFSS220 50 Watt step down transformer with a cord. It is easy to use and best for battery chargers, DVD players, tape players and others.

Consider the number of outlets of the transformer

As the number of appliances increases, so will the power and outlet that you require for the transformer. The TC-3000C Deluxe Two Way Step Up and Step Down Transformer provides a maximum of 3000 watts of capacity with 4 outlets on the rear of the unit.

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