Know About Next Generation Portable DVD Players

Before Netflix and other streaming technology emerged, people relied on DVD players to watch their movies and binge on their favorite series. DVD technology allowed large amounts of data to be stored in a disc, which in turn allowed higher resolution images and videos. DVD players are still popular today and have continued to evolve with the innovations in technology. You can even buy the so-called next generation portable DVD players. What are these products and how can they make your movie watching experience better?

DVD Players now have integrated monitors

You can watch movies anywhere and anytime with the next generation portable DVD players. For example, the Yes PDV-91 model has a 9-inch high-quality digital LCD panel that can play videos, music and even photos. It is a versatile entertainment system with a superior stereo speaker and high-resolution capabilities.

DVD players are now code-free

Older DVD players were restricted to codes based on the country where they were purchased, and can therefore only play DVDs that are encoded for that region. But with the advent of next generation code-free DVD players, any DVD that you purchase in any part of the world is now easy to watch. Even if the DVD is restricted, your DVD player is not. You can watch movies from regions 1 to 6. The Supersonic SC-179 is an example of a code free device. It can also play all PAL and NTSC DVDs, making it even more flexible and useful.

DVD players are now rechargeable

DVDs of the previous decade needed to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This is no longer the case, thanks to rechargeable portable DVD players. The JWIN JD-VD766, for example, has a lithium-ion battery pack. When fully charged, it can play videos for up to 4 hours. You can definitely take advantage of the features of the new generation portable DVD players.

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