Expert’s Guide to Selecting the Right LG Refurbished Monitor

Many people buy recertified or refurbished monitors because they cost less than the brand-new ones. Nevertheless, there is still a high percentage of consumers who will never buy “refurbished” because of the negative connotations associated with this term. Aren’t they rejected monitors that were returned because they don’t work? This part is true—but it’s not the whole story.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that refurbished monitors, especially from reputable brands like, LG are fixed and retested by the manufacturer. Before they are sold again in the market, they undergo rigorous and thorough rebuilding and re-verification. Some refurbished monitors don’t even have any internal damage at all. They are labeled as refurbished because of minor exterior damage such as hairline scratches, because they served as demo units in showrooms, or because they are overstocked items that stayed in the backroom too long.

So, is it okay to buy an LG refurbished monitor? Definitely. However, you must follow these expert’s tips to ensure that what you are buying offers value for money.

1.Buy from an authorized retailer.

By doing so, you can make sure that the monitor underwent quality assurance before they were put up for resale. Always check the reputation of the store before purchasing a refurbished monitor from them. Also, look for stickers or any identifications that say the unit is certified refurbished.

2.Check the warranty.

Even though the monitor is refurbished, you should still get at least a 90-day warranty. Should the monitor stop working, you can still return and replace it within the said warranty program.

3.Consider your requirements.

LG refurbished monitors come in various screen sizes and features. Consider your needs so you can choose the display size, resolution, and display technology that will give you your preferred viewing experience.

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