Safety Tips: How to Use 220v Electric Heater?

Using an electric heater is an effective solution to making your home feel warmer and more comfortable during the colder months. It is better than central heating systems in terms of running costs. However, electric heaters can also be a cause of serious problems like injuries and fire. In fact, a large percentage of fire that occurs each year is caused by electric heaters. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, though. Avoid the dangers of using an electric heater by practicing these safety tips:

  • Keep the electrical heater at least three feet away from any combustible materials such as upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets, and bedding. Also, don’t use the heater to dry clothes, shoes, and other ignitable materials.
  • Always put the electrical heater on hard and flat surfaces like the floor so that it remains stable. Don’t place it on top of cabinets and tables.
  • Do not plug your electric heater near water or damp places. Bathrooms and basements can cause your electric heater to malfunction.
  • Never touch an electric heater with wet hands to avoid electrical shock or electrocution.
  • Avoid using extension cords. If you must, make sure that the extension cord has the same power rating as the heater. Do not cover the cord using carpeting or rugs or place anything on top of the extension cord.
  • If you are using a volt transformer for your 220 volt electric heater, make sure that its power rating is 25% higher than the heater’s power rating. This is to ensure that the electric heater will operate efficiently.
  • Don’t plug another electrical device into the same wall outlet you are using for your space heater.
  • Do not leave your electric heater unattended. Turn it off and unplug it when leaving the room or the house.
  • When buying a 220v electrical heater, choose a model with safety features. You can’t go wrong with a model from a top-of-the-line brand, purchased from a reputable online store.

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