Best Ways to Select the Right 220 Volt Refrigerator to Suit all Your Needs

Buying a refrigerator means making a long term commitment, so it makes sense to do a good amount of research before making a purchase decision. Every household will have different needs; the key is to choose a 220 volt refrigerator to suit those requirements.

  1. Energy efficient: Look for the energy guide documentation when buying a 220 volt refrigerator. But don’t just believe any claim—you have to double check it. Find out how much power the refrigerator consumers per day, on average, so you can judge its annual energy consumption. Avoid refrigerators with condensation controls or anti sweat systems. Most refrigerator manufacturers prevent condensation by adding heating elements to the door and sides of it. These electrical elements run 24 hours a day or when the humidity rises. This consumes a lot of energy.


  1. Size matters: There is a wide range of 220 volt refrigerators in a variety of sizes. Select the size according to your household needs. On average, an 18 cubic foot size is large enough for a family of 4 to 6 members. If you buy a huge fridge that exceeds your needs, you are wasting energy and money.


  1. Freezer location: In general, top-mounted freezers consume 10% to 25% less electricity than the other types.


  1. Food shopping habit: Choose a 220 volt refrigerator that matches your eating habits. For example, if you rely more on frozen food, choose a refrigerator with a large freezer. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you want a refrigerator with a large crisper section.


  1. Pick the features wisely: Before buying a 220 volt refrigerator, decide on the features you would like. Do you really need an ice dispenser or water dispenser? Don’t pay for fancy features that you will never use.


Finally, pick a unit that is environment friendly. Look for the ENERGY STAR information before purchasing a 220 volt refrigerator.


Author: samstores

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