Advantages of 220 Volts Electric Heater over Traditional Plug-in Electric Fireplace

Are you prepared for the cold climate? It is always advisable to invest in appliances that can convert electric energy to heat energy. Two options are available: 220-volt electric heater, and plug-in electric fireplace. Which one should you get? In many ways, the 220-volt electric heater provides more benefits compared to a plug-in electric fireplace. If you are interested in buying this type of heater, you will be happy to learn its many advantages:

Greater and even distribution of warm air throughout the room

A 220-volt electric heater is powerful enough to deliver heat across the room, unlike plug-in electric fireplaces that tend to be smaller in capacity (which means that you need to place it near you to be able to feel its heart). If you want hassle-free heating of your room by just plugging a unit into the outlet, a 220-volt electric heater is recommended. As long as you position it in a strategic location, it can provide efficient heating.

More durable and robust

Electric heaters that run on 220 volts are more reliable in the long run because of the quality of materials that they are made of. Newer models of these electric heaters are outfitted with the latest features to perform at peak performance for a long time. Compared to plug-in electric fireplaces, electric heaters are made with durability in mind. They usually employ larger motors. So if you want a long-lasting and powerful heating appliance, go for the 220-volt heater.

Electric heaters are space savers

Because of advancements in technology, electric heaters have become smaller and yet deliver the same heating power. The footprint is minimized but the performance is maximized. Electric heaters can be selected and designed based on the room dimensions and capacity.

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