Advantages of Commercial Usage of 220 Voltage Appliances

220-volt appliances are commonly sold today due to their compatibility with electrical systems in many parts of the world, which means there are a lot of them out in the market. From small kitchen appliances to large commercial grade machines, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioning units, you are bound to see 220-volt appliances everywhere. Their popularity stems from a number of distinct advantages provided by running on 220 volts of power.

  1. 220 volts is available in many places – Countries like the UK, Australia, parts of Asia and many other countries run on 220 volts from the grid. This means that your 220 volt appliance is most likely to work in more places than a 110 volt unit.
  1. 220 volt appliances run on a higher voltage but require less current or amps, so they can use thinner wires and are less likely to overheat them and cause fire.
  1. The higher voltage means that your appliance can do more work. A 220 volt appliance typically has more power and greater output compared to a 110 volt unit, which means your 220 volt kettle can boil water faster, a 220 volt drill has more rpm for faster drilling, and a 220 volt washer can spin and clean clothes easier than the 110 volt unit.
  1. 220-volt appliances tend to be cheaper and easier to obtain. Because they are so common and many manufacturers make them, the prices of some 220-volt appliances are lower. This can be due to the fact that 220-volt appliances run on higher currents but lower resistances so thinner wires can be used and high amperage components are not needed. Most modern appliances, however, are rated as auto voltage and can run off both 110 volts and 220-volt mains supply.

Author: samstores

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