5 Things You Should Know About Small Portable 240-Volt Generators

Are power outages common in your area? These situations are unavoidable, and you often have no choice but to cope. A small 240-volt generator can ease some of your worries, providing power whenever you most need it.

Five things to consider before purchasing a small 240-volt generator

  • Power input

Portable generators run on one of two fuel types: diesel or gasoline. Generally, diesel generators are cheaper to operate and require less maintenance. However, they are not ideal for areas with a cold climate due to the lack of a spark plug. In this case, a gas generator might be the better option.

  • Power output

How much power do you need from your generator? This will depend on the appliances you intend to run—just add the total number of watts required by each device.

Once you’ve found the sum, choose a generator that can provide 20% to 30% more power than you need. This step is crucial and will help prevent overloading.

  • Compatibility

If you plan to run multiple devices on the generator, ensure you have enough connections. You’ll need at least two DC outputs, but you can also find models with fast-charging USB ports, USB Type-C outputs, and AC outlets.

  • Portability

Thankfully, small 240-volt generators are much easier to transport than their full-sized counterparts. However, if you want to use the device during camping trips or move it to another home, consider features such as a carrying handle or wheel kit.

  • Price

Don’t forget to check the price of your small generator. Its overall cost will depend on its capacity and fuel type, so make sure it fits your budget.


Luckily, reputable electronics suppliers in the USA boast a wide selection of small 240-volt generators for every type of budget. You can buy their products online, making shopping even more convenient!

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