Know What 220 Volts Converters Can Do for You

Are you traveling abroad sometime soon? If you’re used to North American power outlets, you might become a bit confused once you step into your hotel. This is because different countries rely on different voltages, and you’ll need a reliable 220 volts converter to ensure safety.

What a 220 volts converter can do for you

  • Offer a universal travel solution

Imagine, for example, that you are coming from a 110 V region like the United States and going to South Korea, a 220 V region. In this scenario, you would need a step-down converter. Conversely, if you are traveling from a 220 V region to a 110 V country, you need a step-up converter.

Luckily, you don’t have to buy separate devices for each purpose. Depending on your needs, some 220-volt converters can step up and down. You can rely on a single high-quality converter throughout all your travels.

  • Protect your appliances

What would happen if you plug a 110 V hair dryer into a 220 V outlet? Hopefully, you are able to read this before doing so, or else you could risk your safety. Plugging a 110 V appliance into 220 V power will result in an “over-voltage” condition, which may lead to a bright flash of light, smoke, and even a melted fuse. Your device’s protective parts will be damaged, possibly burning the rest of the components.

Doing the opposite isn’t any safer, either. For example, plugging a 220 V microwave into a 110 V outlet will lead to “under-voltage.” The power supplied to your appliance will be ¼ less than it needs, preventing it from operating normally.

  • Prevent electrical accidents

Your appliances aren’t the only vulnerable ones when you use improper voltages. You risk an electrical fire or could be electrocuted if you are not careful. Unfortunately, these cases often happen when someone is overseas, and you might not be able to get the help you need due to language barriers.


Ensure your safety during your travels and invest in a reliable 220 volts converter. It’s best to purchase a device with both step-up and step-down capabilities, preparing you for any situation. In addition, buy a converter from trusted electronics suppliers offering a wide range of products from leading brands!

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