3 Hidden Features of Electrolux Commercial Washers

When it comes to commercial washers,Electrolux is considered as one of the top brands in the market today. Itoffers flexible and sustainable laundry solutions for industrial use. Not only aretheir washers heavy-duty—they are also highly durable and functional, packedwith many powerful features.

1. User-friendly control systems

It is one thing to have reliable and durable washers that withstand rigorous everyday use, and it’s another thing to have washers that you or your customers can operate with ease. Many commercial washers are tough but Electrolux commercial washers have user-friendly control systems. Anyone can operate them without trouble. The brand’s Compass Pro microprocessor lets you select a program or even customize programs and cycle names. Moreover, these washers also work in 20 languages.

2. Washer and dryer in one

This special feature is available in Electrolux’s laundromat washers. Just press one button, and you can switch this washer into a dryer. Your customers can use only one machine for all their washing and drying needs—no need to load or unload their laundry in between. This amazing feature is not only time-saving but also money-saving since you won’t need to buy separate dryers for your laundromat.

3. Management systems  

Managing your laundry shop is easier with Electrolux’s management systems, which you can access from your PC. They let you create and customize washer and dryer programs through your computer. They can also inform you immediately about system failures or machine maintenance requirements. By utilizing the management system, you can have more control over both your commercial washers and your business as a whole.  

Electrolux has different types of commercial washers designed for various industries such as hospitals, hotels, and laundromats. They partner with dealers across the US, bringing their products to more consumers. If you are looking to buy Electrolux commercial washers, search for their partner dealers. You can easily find them online.

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