Precautions of Buying Refurbished Window Air Conditioners Online

There are many different kinds of air conditioning units available today, but the window-type still remains popular with many different consumers due to their compact size and ease of installation.  If you are on a budget, you may want to consider to looking into refurbished window air conditioners online. Refurbished does not have to mean that you are buying a low-quality product as long as you buy from the right store and you can verify the authenticity and reliability of the refurbishing work. Here are some precautions and tips to consider before buying a refurbished window air conditioner online:

  • Before anything else, be sure to do your measurements – The size of a window air conditioner will depend on the size of your room. So, be sure to measure the room and the slot where the unit will be installed.
  • Get to know the work done on the air conditioner – Reputable retailers are not afraid to disclose everything that has been done to refurbish their window air conditioners. Be wary of sellers who are dishonest or would hesitate to share information about their products.
  • Check the cooling capacity – This is measured in BTUs (British thermal units) per hour, which is the basic indicator of thermal energy. Make sure the BTU is suitable for the size of your room or space. If it is too small, the air-conditioner will work harder trying to cool a bigger area, resulting in higher energy consumption. On the other hand, a unit that is too big will not effectively and evenly dehumidify and cool a space, resulting in uncomfortable cold and hot pockets.
  • Know the electrical requirements – Window air conditioners require more power than regular household appliances. So, be sure that your home’s existing electrical system is suitable for them. Most refurbished window air conditioners online operate on 115, 220, or 125-volt circuits. When in doubt, consult a professional electrician for assistance.
  • Make sure it is still energy efficient – Make sure you are buying ENERGY STAR approved refurbished window air conditioners online to help you save on energy costs.

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