220V Power Inverters – Versatile Solutions for Multiple Needs

An inverter is a useful device to have around the house. It is ideal for use with portable electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets when camping or even during a power failure. Having a 220V car inverter can help you out in a lot of sticky situations. A 220V inverter can also be used to operate a 220V appliance designed for use overseas. You can use a 120V AC to 12V DC convertor (also called a rectifier) and then scale it to 220V AC using one of these. If you own equipment that needs a 220V supply to use, then a 220V inverter is a must-have for you.

What is a 220V Power Inverter?

It is a device that can convert Direct Current (DC) from the battery (usually of a car) to Alternate Current (AC) providing 220V of electricity that is apt for most appliances designed for use outside North America. These 220V power inverters usually come in two types – one that can be plugged into the 12V car cigarette lighter socket while other types can be hardwired to the battery of the car or a power backup battery at home. Some of the versatile applications of this wonder device are mentioned here.

  • A Must for Campers: If you like to go camping, this is one device you just cannot leave behind. For all those portable cooking or heating appliances, or a 220V portable water heater, you will need an inverter that can convert the DC from your car or RV’s battery to AC for your appliances.
  • Make Road Travel Fun: With a 220V inverter in your car, you can easily build a comfortable environment for your family even when you are traveling from one state to another. You can have a mini fridge, a laptop, and even a mini microwave attached inside your van with the help of your car inverter! With the right adapter, you can turn almost any car into an RV! If you already have an RV, you can customize it further and do not have to stick with appliances that are specifically built for RVs.
  • Recharging Laptops: Though there are phone chargers with lighter socket adapters to power your phone, they are not helpful to power your laptop. When you need to recharge it or any other similar device, you need a dedicated power inverter to give you uninterrupted power supply for your gadgets.

Apart from this, a 220V inverter also comes in handy for those who have to work at locations where there is no electricity supply. Usable electricity is often taken for granted and its value is truly realized when you have no electricity. An inverter is invaluable in such situations.

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