220 to 110 Voltage Converter – A Boon for Frequent Travelers

A step-down voltage converter like the 220-to-110 volts converter is an essential companion that you cannot forget to carry when you:

  • Are an international frequent flyer
  • Travel to countries that have power sockets to supply 110-votts
  • The voltage in your country of residence of the mains supply is about 220 volts, which means that devices and appliances in your home country are manufactured to run at 220 volts.

If your essential devices such as smartphone, hair-dryer, laptop and other electrical gadgets are single-voltage devices, then it is important that you buy the right 220-to-110-volt converter.


All international destinations have their own socket types – there is no uniformity here. Having the right step-down or step-up voltage converter means that you are ensuring the safety of your electrical gadgets. With power fluctuations and variable voltages, the electrical circuitry inside the devices tend to be harmed when they detect voltages that are greater than or less than the voltage that they are manufactured to run on. Your appliance will go berserk in some time, and over a period with continual usage, it will be destroyed.

Hence, the right thing to do is to buy the right voltage converter. Having one by your side is a great blessing as it safeguards your costly devices. When buying a 220-to-110 voltage converter ensure that:

  • Buy a converter with wattage at least twice the wattage of the device.
  • Understand the voltage in the country that you are travelling to so that you can decide whether to buy a step-up converter or a step-down.
  • Know unstable voltage supply as for such regions, you need to have a surge protector too. Go in for a voltage converter that has an in-built surge protector.

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