Things to Consider Before Buying an Unlocked Cell Phone

Unlocked smartphones are becoming more popular today as more people see its many benefits—that you simply can’t get from a smartphone that is tied to a carrier. Are you in the market for one? The key is to ensure that it has all the necessary features you want and is compatible with the carrier you are planning to use. The following are some of the things that you should consider:

  • Buy from a reputable store. To make sure that the phone you are buying is brand new, functioning, and original, be sure to buy from a trusted electronic store. One of the ways to find out if an online store is reputable is by checking its payment options. They should be using a secure payment system to protect their customers. Just because the shop is reputable doesn’t mean that its products are expensive. In fact, some of the best online shops can guarantee the lowest prices.
  • Go for a phone with dual SIM card slots if you travel a lot. This will allow you to effectively have two phones in one. Having a dual-SIM unlocked phone is great if you travel frequently because you can simply put a pay-as-you-go overseas network SIM card into the other slot to make local calls and texts cheaper.
  • Opt for a phone that works with your preferred carrier. While many unlocked phones support all carriers or networks, it is still important to check your device’s specs and features. Some devices—such as OnePlus 5—does not work with Sprint or Verizon because they are CDMA networks. You can visit the major carrier’s website and check if the device you are eyeing is on their list. Do note that some unlocked phones cannot be integrated with some of the carrier-restricted features that are only allowed on locked phones. For example, AT&T only provides Wi-Fi calling and voice-over-LTE options to their locked phones.

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