Attributes to Look for When Buying a Slim TV

Are you in the market for a new slim TV? It’s important to compare specifications to get the best value. Here are the things that you need to know before investing your money on a slim TV:

Bigger isn’t always better

The biggest television in the market is not necessarily mean the best choice for you. You have to take into consideration the size of your room, particularly, the distance from the TV to your viewing position. For a range of 10 to 18 feet, an 85-inch HDTV is appropriate. If you have a room with a viewing distance of 5 to 8 feet, the suggested TV size is 40 inches. The TV size is determined by the diagonal length of the screen. For 4K TVs, the recommended size can be computed by dividing the viewing distance by 1.5.

Pixels, pixels, pixels

A 1080p full HD slim TV provides fantastic colors and contrasts with 2,073,600 pixels. You can watch a lot of HD movies and videos with this TV. If your budget will allow, then you can get a 4K TV with pixels of 8,294,400 pixels, almost 4 times the number of pixels of a full HD.


Newer TVs offer HDR or High Dynamic Range capability, which is superior to non-HDR TVs in terms of providing life-like pictures. They also allow more color shades and large color contrasts.

Smart TV

A slim TV with integrated internet connection is called a smart TV. You can watch videos on Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation View or Crackle using this type of unit.

HDMI sockets

Your slim TV should have at least one HDMI socket as provision for your speaker, DVD or BluRay players. HDMI is the standard; be sure to check the back for HDMI ports or read the description thoroughly if you are buying online.

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