Which 220V Ceiling Fan Will Be the Best for a Master Bedroom?

Is it starting to feel hot in your home? Unfortunately, leaving your air conditioner running the whole day can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket. So instead, consider installing a new 220V ceiling fan in the master bedroom to keep you comfortable as you sleep.

Why do you need a 220V ceiling fan for your home?

Ceiling fans; are designed to distribute air throughout your home. They have a dual purpose: circulating cold air during the summer and warmth in the summer. Not only that. Regularly running a ceiling fan will help keep your home comfortable and breezy.

What’s superb about ceiling fans is that they don’t require too much energy to work. As a result, they’re significantly more efficient than HVAC units, reducing your home’s temperature by up to 8 degrees without racking up costs.

In addition, they are space-saving, installed way above your head instead of taking up space on the floor.

Choosing the best 220V ceiling fans

  • Determine your location

Ceiling fans come in two types: indoor and outdoor. Fortunately, if you’re installing the fan inside your home’s main bedroom or living room, you don’t have to search far and wide — most systems are already made for indoor use.

However, if you plan to install it on your patio or porch, you’ll need to find an outdoor ceiling fan with weather-resistant features.

  • Calculate the size

Once you’ve decided where to install the appliance, it’s time to shop for the correct size fan. First, you must measure your room’s square footage (length x width).

Different ceiling fan sizes depend on the size of your room. For example, rooms around 75 ft2 will require a 36-inch fan, while a 400-ft2 space will need a 54-inch system.

  • Choose your features

Lastly, consider the features you want to see in the fan. This will depend on your preferences, such as the control options that would be most convenient for you.

Top-quality ceiling fans have modern functions, such as an integrated LED light kit, wireless remote control, sleep timer, and silent motor.

Don’t forget to purchase your 220V ceiling fan from a trusted online store offering a broad range of products from top brands.

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