If you love to cook, then it’s always a good idea to equip your kitchen with both a slow cooker. But what exactly is a slow cooker and how is it different from a pressure cooker? Simply put, slow cookers cook food gradually over a span of six to 10 hours. It is designed to keep heat, water, and moisture inside the pot, thereby keeping all nutrients intact. It utilizes a low temperature throughout the cooking process so make meats extra soft. Slow cookers use moist heat; it depends on the moisture created during the heating procedure to cook the food. Pressure cookers, on the other hand, use steam heat.

How do you cook using a slow cooker? It’s really easy. In most cases, all you need to do is chop up the ingredients and put everything in the slow cooker pot. Put the lid on, set the heat setting, and leave it to do its magic. Go to work or school, do your chores, and get your errands done. When you come back home after 6 to 10 hours, a sumptuous and perfectly cooked dish will be waiting for you. Overall, slow cooking is a “leave it and forget it” style of cooking.

A pressure cooker is quite different from a slow cooker. For one, it cooks faster. The food to be cooked as well as the cooking liquid will be sealed inside the same pot. As the cooker is heated, the temperature rises, creating a steam inside the pot. This steam cooks the food. The pressure inside also forces the liquid into the food, making the whole process faster.

So which one would you use? Both cookers can soften even the toughest cuts of meat. You can cook roast chicken, pulled pork, all kinds of stews, etc. The main advantage of a slow cooker is that it is a hands-off type of appliance. It is safe to leave—you don’t have to continually monitor it. You can even leave it cooking while you sleep. The same cannot be said for pressure cookers, which need attention.

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