What’s New About 220 Volt Coffee Makers?

Now is a good time to shop for a new coffee maker. There are 220 volt coffee makers that come with different features to make serving your favorite brew easier and more enjoyable. It can be handy to have a 220 volt coffee maker, too, especially if you are planning to move to a country that uses 200 volts or simply like the special features that may not be available in some 110-volt versions. Here are some of the new features that are present in some of the best 220 volt coffee makers:

  • Pod or capsule compatible – Some new coffee maker models function as both drip and pod units, making them more versatile if you want to enjoy pre-packed coffee in a snap one day, and freshly brewed loose coffee grounds the next day.
  • Digital controls – LCD screens, a timer, clocks, and sometimes, a touch screen offer a seamless and cleaner design on 220 volt coffee makers.
  • Pause and serve – This feature allows you to remove the pot, even before brewing is done. It prevents coffee from dripping or dribbling on the heating plate. The lower opening beneath the filter touches the pot, and the valve shuts when you remove the pot.
  • Water filter – Some high-end 220 volt coffee makers come with built-in filters, which can remove the tastes of iron or chlorine from tap water. These filters may need to be replaced occasionally.
  • Integrated grinder – There are coffee makers that come with built-in grinders. They grind ample coffee beans with each use to ensure a fresher brew.
  • Thermal carafe or a thermal mug – Thermal features will keep your coffee hot for several hours, and they prevent burning, too.
  • Control for the brew strength – This feature allows you to customize the strength of the coffee, enabling you to make a full-flavored or weaker brew. This can be convenient if you only want to buy a single bag of beans instead of multiple beans to suit different tastes.

Author: samstores

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