What is the Right Way to Use 110 and 220-volt Curling Irons?

Don’t want to go all the way to a salon just to try out today’s trendiest hairstyles? Luckily, you don’t need to—a 110 and 220-volt curling iron can give you the same result at home. But how do you ensure that you use the iron like an expert?

How to use your 110 and 220-volt curling iron properly

  • Plug it into the correct socket

First, make sure your curling iron is plugged into the proper outlet. If you’re using a 110-volt device, avoid running it on 220-volt power. Doing this will result in an over-voltage condition, drawing too much power and burning the device’s components. Over-voltage is a major safety risk and will lead your device’s heating element to heat four times more than the necessary temperature.

Conversely, plugging a 220V curling iron into a 110V socket will result in under-voltage. This prevents the device from working properly, or it might not function at all.

  • Use the proper heat setting.

The great thing about modern hair curlers is that they come with numerous features and functions. For instance, the Conair CD81WCSR Instant Heat iron has 25 different heat settings, with temperatures reaching up to 36°F.

You should choose the right heat setting according to your hair type. Generally, fine hair works best under lower temperatures, while thick or coarse hair will be more manageable with higher settings.

  • Don’t expose your hair to too much heat.

Unfortunately, using curling irons too frequently can damage your hair, making it coarse and dry. To avoid this, you should avoid exposing your hair to high heat for more than ten seconds. Any longer than that, and you’ll destroy your hair’s natural look.


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