What are the Advantages of a 220-Volt Air Conditioner?

‘Voltage’ is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner. The market generally offers two options: 110-volt and 220-volt air conditioners. Many people believe that the latter is the better choice, and this is true in some cases. Here’s why:

Requires less current 

The formula for power is “power = voltage x current,” which means that 110-volt wiring requires twice the amount of current that 220-volt wiring can provide to generate the same power. For example, if you need 900 watts of power, then a 110-volt wire will require 8.2 amperes, whereas a 220-volt wire will only require half of it, which is 4.1 amperes. 

More efficient

In some ways, a 220-volt air conditioner tends to be more efficient than a 110-volt air conditioner. That’s because a 220V AC loses less energy while heat is generated in its cables. 
More cost-effective

While 220-volt ACs generally cost more, they usually last longer than 110-volt ACs. That’s because they put under less heat load and their components don’t wear out quickly. You are going to spend more on a 220-volt AC at first, but if you are buying from a reliable brand, then you can expect the unit to last several years, thereby saving you money in the long run!

A few tips on using a 220-volt air conditioner:

  • Do not plug 220v AC into a 110v power outlet. Your fuse will be blown. 
  • Find your 220v plug (if you have one). Few homes have 220v wirings. These 220v plugs are reserved for huge appliances like dishwashers and ovens. Before considering hiring an electrician, locate those plugs first. You might find one near the spot where you want to install your air conditioner. 
  • Convert a 110-volt outlet to 220volts. If your home doesn’t have 220-volt outlets, then find a licensed electrician to convert your socket to 220-volt.


When it comes to air conditioning, the key is to find the right size for your space. Any type of AC will not work properly if it is too small or too large for the room you are trying to cool. To ensure maximum efficiency, you have to make sure that the BTU matches the size of the room.

Whether you’re looking for a portable AC, a split AC, or a window-type AC, you will find exactly what you need online. Be sure to buy your 220-volt air conditioner from a trusted retailer!

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