Wall Mounted Hair Dryer – The Benefits of Installing One in Your Bathroom

Hair dryers are a common household appliance that sees a lot of use and is an essential tool in anybody’s grooming kit. It is nice to have one readily accessible when needed so placing it in a strategic spot in your bathroom can be a great help. There are wall mountable models available in the market today, making storing and placement of your hair dryer in the bathroom easy and hassle free.

Most conventional hair dryers are plugin affairs that are usually stowed away in a drawer or cabinet. This can be a hassle as it can be difficult to access and may even be dangerous to handle if you have to plug in a unit with wet hands coming from the shower. A wall mounted unit is a great solution for this as it eliminates the need to fumble for your dryer. It removes the risk of electric shock as the unit is always plugged in to the wall and on standby, ready for when you need it.

Most wall mounted hair dryers come in a secure, protective housing and mount to shield it from moisture. You can locate the dryer mount on a wall beside the vanity or countertop for easy access. Mounting the unit on the vanity wall also saves you valuable storage space in the bathroom closet or dresser drawer which you can allocate for other toiletries or bathroom essentials.

Wall mounted hair dryers are easy to install and usually take only a few screws and mounts. Installation can be done without professional help. Some units come with cable organizers to help manage power cords and help stow the dryer neatly when not in use. Some units come with coiled cables that allow you to extend the reach of the dryer without the cable mess. They also come in different styles and colors to fit your bathroom decor.

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