Using 240 Volts Appliances in Your American House

There is no such thing as a standard voltage for all countries around the world. For example, the UK and the UAE both use 230V while Brunei, Kuwait, and Qatar require 240 volts. In the United States, the standard voltage is 120V, which means that you need special power supply to run any appliance with a different voltage requirement.

When do you need to use a 240-volt power supply?

Generally, you can plug anything that requires 100V-127V into a standard US socket. However, not all appliances in the US can run efficiently with only 120 volts. For example, ovens and ranges need 240V outlets because they require more electricity to operate. Other heavy-duty equipment that needs 240 volts includes clothes dryers, water heaters, and central air conditioners!

So, what happens if you plug a 240V heater into a 120V outlet? You’ll only receive about ¼ of the required power, so the appliance won’t work. Worse, it may get damaged. On the other hand, connecting a 120V hairdryer into a 240V supply, for example, will cause it to smoke and flash. Its fuse will melt and its components will get burned, too.

All this said, is it possible to use 240-volt appliances in an American home with a 120-volt supply? Luckily, the answer is yes, it’s 100% doable with the help of a premium quality voltage converter.

240 volts converter transformers can easily change your electrical supply from 120V to 240V. There are also step-up and down transformers that can convert electricity both ways. Make sure to buy a 240 volts converter with a wattage closest to your requirements. For example, a typical dishwasher will require around 1200W, while a hairdryer needs at least 1800W. You can buy a transform with a much higher wattage rating than your appliances to be safe!

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