Useful Features of a 220V Washing Machine

Are you tired of going to the local Laundromat every week? Then maybe it’s time to get your own 220V washing machine. Having your very own washer can change your life, saving time, energy, and precious cash.

The best features to look out for in a 220V washing machine

Washing machines changed over the years, thanks to technology. Today, these appliances are fitted with various features and functions to make your chores more effortless.

Here are a few of the must-have features your new washing machine should have:

  • Loading method

The washing machine’s loading method will affect where you place it. For instance, a front-loading washer can give you extra storage space, with its top acting like a small counter.

Meanwhile, top-loading washing machines have tubs that sit vertically. You can only load it via the top side. These washers are easier to use and more economical than their front-loading counterparts, but they require more space and may not be the best option for small rooms.

  • Capacity

Next, make sure you choose a suitable capacity for your washing machine. For example, if you’re only washing clothes for two people, a small 6 kg washer would be enough. You’ll need a machine with about 7 to 8 kg capacity for larger families.

  • Wash programs

Most 220V washing machines are only capable of washing clothes. However, some models are more advanced, built with various programs to make your life easier.

For instance, you might come across front-loading washing machines with customizable settings for different fabrics, including cotton, sportswear, and dark clothes.

In addition, you can look for washing machines with a dryer, reduced noise, pause and add controls, and adjustable spin speeds.

Are you shopping for a new 220V washing machine? Browse your favorite online store for a list of the best front-loading and top-loading models!

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