Top 3 Advantages of Dual Voltage TVs

Televisions have been a part of most homes for a long time, and the technology behind TVs has greatly improved—from a monochrome output to millions of pixels that produce different bright colors. From flat to curved, there are so many options nowadays. Most units can be wall mounted, and some can even be integrated into glass cabinets. But the basic feature that your TV should have is that it should have dual input voltage. Simply put, voltage is an electromotive force or potential difference. Because of the potential difference, current flows through wires. Here are the top advantages of having a dual voltage TV:

Dual Voltage TVs can be used anywhere

Dual input voltage means that your TV can be plugged into an outlet with a 110V supply and that it can also be supplied with electricity from a 220V-240V outlet. This means that you can use your TV anywhere. Some countries that have an input voltage of 110 V include the USA, the Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Taiwan and Jamaica. Countries that use 220V-240V input voltage include Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt and Qatar. If you are planning to go to these places in the future, you may want to consider a dual voltage TV so that you can bring your television anywhere you may go.

Dual Voltage TVs will work without needing a transformer

Because dual voltage TVs are plug-and-play devices, you do not need to get a transformer to convert the voltage from one input to another. Even if you purchase your dual voltage TV from abroad, you can be sure that it can be used in your area or location.

Dual Voltage TVs will not ruin other appliances in your home

Accidentally plugging a single voltage TV to an incompatible outlet can damage not only the TV but other appliances connected to that outlet. If you do not have circuit breakers at home, all other devices that are plugged may not work anymore.

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