Tips to choose the Best 220 Volt Microwave for Your House

Life without a microwave is almost unthinkable these days. A 220-volt microwave is not just for heating up leftover food—in some cases, you can use it for cooking a complete meal. Modern microwaves can technically replace a bunch of appliances in your kitchen, since it is designed to be a multipurpose machine. Say goodbye to a separate oven or a grill because a good 220-volt microwave can serve all their purposes. Here are some tips to ensure that you are buying the best 220-volt microwave for your money.


  1. Space fit – There are three options available depending on where you would like to place your microwave. A countertop model provides easy installation ad portability. An over the range microwave does not eat up countertop space, but it requires professional installation. Finally, there’s the built-in microwave, which can be built into walls, cabinets, drawers, etc. Think about how you would like to position your microwave in your kitchen and about any possible space crunch issues before you decide on the installation type.


  1. Kind of microwave – A solo microwave is ideal just for heating food. Go for a grill type if you want to grill as well as heating food, or a convection type if you want an all in one appliance that allows you to heat, grill, and bake. Your selection should depend on your daily usage and requirements. The prices also vary as more features are added on.


  1. Display settings – Make sure there are ‘quick buttons’ of 30 seconds or 1 minute for regular heating. This saves time and is a standard feature in most microwaves. Preset buttons (thaw, frozen pizza, poultry, dinner plate, etc.) may also come in handy.


  1. Racks or trays – Make sure that you are provided with grill trays and racks to make grilling easy. Racks will also allow for multipurpose functioning, allowing you to cook more than one dish at the same time.

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