Tips on How to Convert Pal DVD to NTSC

Because of the varying video encoding formats used in different countries and regions around the world, you sometimes need to convert your videos in order to make them viewable. This can be done in a number of methods. 

The simplest way to make sure that the video format can be viewed is to use the same encoding system of the target region from the beginning. Generally speaking, there are two standards commonly used worldwide. Phase Alternating Line or PAL is used in almost all of Europe, Australia, and some regions in Africa, South America and Asia. The National Television System Committee standard or NTSC is the color TV standard used in the United States, Canada, Japan, and in other countries in North and South America and Asia.

Another way to resolve this video format conundrum is to use hardware decoders to convert the color information from each standard to the other. This is done by using a device attached to the playback machine that processes the analog video information so that it can be interpreted correctly on screen. Most modern video payback devices have built in decoders to make them compatible with multiple systems all at once, doing away with the need for an external conversion device.

A great way of converting digital video copies across standards is by using decoding and conversion software that can convert the digital data to match whatever system you require it to. This type of specialized software can process digital signals and match them to the corresponding data for the target system to reproduce the colors accurately on your monitor or TV screen. Modern digital video players can usually do this conversion automatically by reading and identifying the file’s original format and using predetermined algorithms, processing the information so that it can be played back accurately.

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