Tips for Buying the Right 220 Volt Rice Cooker

For those who eat rice many times a week (or even every day), a 220 volt rice cooker is an indispensable kitchen appliance. It takes the guesswork out of cooking, ensuring that you get a perfect batch of freshly made rice every single time. With a 220 volt rice cooker, life can be made simpler. That said, not all 220 volt rice cookers are the same. Before you buy one, keep in mind the following shopping tips.

  1. Non-stick bowl: Make sure the 220 volt rice cooker you buy has a non stick bottom. This can really make a difference. Rice can get sticky and become difficult to clean. However, in a non stick rice cooker, cleaning is extremely easy.
  1. Automatic features: The whole point of buying a rice cooker is to ensure that your rice is never overdone or underdone. Automatic features will give you perfectly cooked rice each and every time. The warm feature also keeps the rice warm after it gets cooked. Choose a rice cooker with lights that indicate operational status so you know when your rice is done.
  1. Quality coating: Do not comprise on quality when it comes to rice cookers. The inner lining of the pot that holds the rice should have premium quality non stick coating, so that it does not wear out after just a few uses.
  1. Size guide: Normally, a 220 volt rice cooker ranges from 3 cups to 10 cups in terms of size. Do not buy a size that is too large for your daily needs. Rice cookers require a minimum amount of rice and water, and if you do not reach that level, the rice might not get cooked properly.
  1. Steamer trays: If you are looking for a multifunctional 220 volt rice cooker, buy the ones that come with perforated steamer trays. You can use this to simultaneously steam vegetables while the rice is cooking.

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