Things you should know About a 110 to 220-volt Curling Iron

Are you having trouble styling your hair? A drastic haircut isn’t the only option if you don’t want to step out in the same old hairstyle every day. You can keep your current length and invest in a 110 to 220-volt curling iron instead!


What you need to know about 110 to 220-volt curling irons

Types of curling irons

Curling irons are classified according to their materials. There are three types: ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline.

Generally, ceramic irons are best for curling thick hair. They work exceptionally well while you’re moving from section to section, allowing you to curl evenly without waiting for the iron to heat up.

Titanium irons are lighter than ceramic irons, known for their ability to heat up quickly and hold that heat for longer. As a result, it can make your curls last longer while maintaining your hair’s smoothness and shine.

Lastly, tourmaline curling irons work best on frizzy and dry hair. The material emits negative ions with the heat, perfect for creating more consistent curls and various styles.


Features to look out for

Not every curling iron is built the same, so you should find a model that fits your needs. And besides checking its materials, you must also take note of the curling iron’s features.

For example, some ceramic curling irons come with an automatic shut-off feature and temperature key lock to prevent accidental temperature changes and minimize safety risks. You can also look for models with adjustable temperature settings to achieve the desired look.

Lastly, consider purchasing a curling iron with a digital display to monitor the temperature as you style your hair.


Can’t wait to go out in style? Be sure to buy a high-quality 110 to 220-volt curling iron from an experienced supplier offering the world’s best electronics brands!

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