Is It Important to Have a 220 Volts Converter in Your House?

Do you travel often? Many people run into the same issue of not bringing a compatible appliance for the foreign country’s power outlets. But luckily, this problem can be solved with a single device: a 220 volts converter.

Why every household needs a 220 volts converter

Different countries operate on different voltages. For example, the United States uses a 110V electrical system, while Australia, Cambodia, England, and Hungary operate on 230 volts.

Knowing the voltage requirements of the country you’re visiting is crucial to your safety. This is because plugging an appliance into the wrong outlet can result in dangerous situations, such as fires, short circuits, and possibly damage the device.

For example, plugging a 220V coffee maker into a 110V socket will lead to overvoltage, resulting in burnout, sparks, and a broken motor. Meanwhile, doing the opposite causes under voltage, where an appliance may not work to its best capacity, rendering it useless.

So how do you solve this problem and prevent accidents? Ideally, you must buy compatible appliances for the power outlets you plan to use. However, this option is expensive. No one wants to purchase a brand-new microwave for a week-long stay in a hotel.

Luckily, there’s another way: buying a 220 volts converter. Voltage converters do what they say: changing the voltage of an electrical power source and allowing your electronics to operate well.

220-voltage converters are a nifty tool for a home, even if you rarely travel. For instance, you can use a converter if you accidentally buy a 220V cooking plate that you plan to use immediately.

But before purchasing a converter, you must also consider the appliances you want to use with it. This is because they come in different sizes, denoted by wattage. For example, if your total wattage requirement for your laptop, phone, and printer is 2500W, it’s best to choose a converter capable of two to three times more power.

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