Things You Should Know About 220v Washing Machine

Laundry is a necessary chore and essential for good housekeeping and proper hygiene. The best 220v washing machine will ensure that you can do your laundry efficiently and effortlessly. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide array of washers to choose from. The selection could leave you confused, especially when you have to compare many different products with one another. Check out these things to know about 220v washing machines to help you make an informed buying decision.

Will it suit your laundry requirements?

One of the things you should consider when buying a new washer is the amount of laundry you do daily, weekly, or regularly. High-capacity washers are great for large families with greater laundry loads. A small 220v washer may suffice; if you’re living in a small apartment or have no space for a bigger appliance.

Not meant for use in the USA

As you browse the selection of 220v washing machines online, one of the things you’ll notice is they’re often indicated ‘Not for USA.’ But why would you need one? Usually, the 220v washing machine is ideal for locations that use 220 to 240-volt electrical outlets. So, you may need it if you’re planning to move abroad where 220 volts is used. You can buy a washer; while you’re still in the US to save money and to find a specific model that you like if it’s unavailable where you’re going.


Know the cycles of the washing machine. If you often wash fragile items, consider a washer that can safely clean them. You must even consider the technologies used in the washer, such as extended spin for heavier garments or items that need more wringing and cycles that can effectively rinse out detergent. Check the style of the 220v washing machine, too, whether it’s a top-loader or a front-loader.

It may be more efficient

In terms of current, 220v power is more efficient compared to 110v. That’s because it needs less power to provide the same power because of an increased voltage. However, this means that it poses a higher safety risk, so you have to be careful when installing and using it.

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