Things to Know Before Using Transformer Converter 220 to 110 Volts

Transformer converter 220 to 110 devices allow appliances and gadgets to be used in locations where voltage supplied by wall outlets is different from the voltage the device requires/for which it was built. A transformer works differently from a converter, even though they perform the same basic task of equalizing electrical supply. A voltage converter does the voltage conversion by halving electricity’s sine wave, the same way a light dimmer operates. This requires simple mechanisms to perform, which is why voltage converters are generally lighter, smaller, and less expensive, whereas voltage transformers modify the sine wave rather than merely chopping it in half. It steps the sine wave up or down, depending on the requirement, making the voltage transformer’s a more complex operation that requires more materials, and hence a more robust device. Voltage transformers and converters are generally used on appliances and gadgets that require a different voltage rating than what is generally supplied.

One of the most important things you should consider before using any type of voltage regulator (be it a transformer or a converter), is selecting the right type for the operation that you require. A transformer converter 220 to 110 volts, for instance is designed for appliances that require voltage rating between 220 to 110. Similarly, some electricity powered products rated at 100~240V indicate dual voltage, which means they can be used on 220V or 110V outlets without requiring a transformer/converter.

It also pays knowing the difference between a step-up and a step-down converter. While may converters have the capacity to do both, others are exclusively used for stepping up or stepping down the voltage. Quite simply, a step-down converter converts electricity supply down (i.e., from 220 to 110), while a step-up converter converts electricity up (from 110 to 220 or higher depending on the device capacity and the appliance requirement).

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