Things to Check Before Buying Samsung Split Type Aircon Online

Buying an air conditioner entails a significant investment on your part as certain models can cost a fair bit of money. There are also other factors and hidden costs to consider before making your purchase so it is important to look out for these things prior to making a decision.

Split type air conditioners are designed to work in two separate units; an interior unit that houses the evaporators and blowers for the cool air and the external unit that contains the compressor and fan units that vent the warm air out. Split type air conditioners offer the advantage of having a bigger cooling capacity due to the larger size of the compressor it uses and is more silent in operation as all the noisy parts like the compressor and fans are located outside and away from the room.

Of course there has to be consideration for installation feasibility and costs, as split type air conditioners require ducting unlike window type A/C’s that can be mounted from an existing opening such as a window, as its name implies. This is important to note as it can be a factor in terms of cost and feasibility of installation. Split type units can also consume more power than conventional window type units, although newer models of air conditioners from manufacturers like Samsung are available in inverter type formats, which are known to be more energy efficient. Buyers should also check for the power rating and cooling capacity that they will require for their application so that they can select the appropriate model for the job.

Online retailers can provide a myriad of A/C models and brands to choose from, and with the convenience of shopping and the option to pay online. Reputable online sellers are usually able to ship out orders within 48 hours of purchase and can deliver anywhere within the continental US to your doorstep, within 7 working days.

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