Over 1 Million Americans Have Adware in their Smartphones

According to a report published by Lookout, a security company,  in the last one year, more than 1 million Americans have downloaded Adware from Android. The report says that a whopping 6.5% applications have Adware which gets installed into users smartphones.

It is quite difficult to identify an Adware but there are some points on the basis of which one can compare and find:

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  • The app displays advertising that’s “outside of the normal experience;
  •  The ad “harvests unusual personally identifiable information; or
  •  The ad “performs unexpected actions as a response to ad clicks.

These revelations are very concerning and now, Android must have to do something to stop this epidemic. Samstores, a leading unlocked GSM phone supplier, highly recommends to read reviews before downloading any app.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57591075-94/over-1-million-american-android-users-have-downloaded-adware/