Consumer Electronics Industry Forecast – 2013 by CEA

According to a press release by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), the global consumer electronics market is about to reach $209.6 billion benchmark. The figure was revealed in a semi annual industry forecast released by CEA. It also shows that the market has reached to $204 billion already in 2012, jumping a 5% hike as compared from the previous period.

Few highlights from the forecast:

  • Mobile connected devices will continue to drive electronics industry growth.
  • Sales of tablets will be doubled.
  • Smartphones sales will be increased to 130 million this year.
  • $17 billion revenue will be generated from Laptops/Notebooks.
  • Buying Multisystem LED TVs and Multisystem Plasma TVs will continue to rise as 30.4 million units are expected to be shipped to dealers which will generated $15 billion worth revenue.