Some of the Important Facts About 220 BTU Air Conditioner

BTU is one of the things you are likely to spot when shopping for a new air conditioner. It typically appears in product descriptions and specifications, and it is among the important features that should help you make an informed decision on which product to purchase. If you are buying a 220-volt BTU air conditioner, take note of the number and make sure it is appropriate for the size of your room or space that needs to be cooled. Here are more facts you should know BTUs and 220-volt air conditioners:

  • BTU stands for ‘British thermal unit’ and it measures thermal or heat energy. In other words, it pertains to the amount of energy that is needed to raise a pound of water to one degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. When applied to air conditioners, it is expressed in terms of the amount of BTUs per hour the unit can remove or add from the air.
  • Higher is not always better – When an air conditioner has a higher BTU, it may cool too quickly, but it will cycle off and require cycling to keep maintaining your desired temperature. This means the unit will be overworking, and this can reduce its lifespan. However, if the BTUs are insufficient, the 220-volt air conditioner will not be able to cool your room comfortably. The heat load may be too much for the unit, causing it to continuously run without reaching your desired temperatures. Likewise, it will shorten the unit’s lifespan.
  • Know the square footage recommendations – Every 220-volt BTU air conditioner will list the square footage recommendation that can help you determine if it has enough BTUs for the size of your space. For instance, if you have a 150 square-foot space, the ideal BTU is 5,000.

  • Different features – Newer 220 BTU air conditioners come with basic features, such as sleep and a timer. They may even come with a remote. You can also find units with special features, like a child lock function and a filter indicator button.

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