Do you need one solution for making all types of smoothies and juices? If yes, Sage’s Nutri juicer plus centrifugal juicer is the right option for you.

Sage has designed the nutri juicer plus centrifugal juicer to extract maximum goodness with minimum efforts. It is featured with two discs (Nutri discs and Froojie discs) to tackle various types of vegetables and fruits. Nutri disc is for soft and hard fruits while Froojie disc is for pulpy fruits.

Stylish yet powerful, Sage BJE520UK The Nutri Juicer Plus Centrifugal Juicer – Silver 220-240 Volts is the perfect appliance for your kitchen. This product has a pleasant, significant feel to it. Easy controls and shortened preparation time make it a popular juicer on the market. Silver details, pulp bin and plunger complement this centrifugal juicer. BJE520UK is made of superior quality stainless steel material to ensure long life and exclusive finish.

Nutri Juicer Plus Centrifugal Juicer from the house of reputable brand Sage is a high-end juice extractor. The “Plus” in the name means this model is a step ahead from the Sage’s original nutria juicer. Also, BJE520UK is a puree extractor that makes it perfect for making smoothies and desserts too. You also get superior varieties of juicing speeds with variable speed settings. This means you can prepare juice from soft fruits at a slower speed and from hard vegetables at faster speeds, thanks to five-speed settings.

At 84mm in diameter, the chute is wide enough for chopping a whole apple or a small beetroot before juicing. Also, you can prepare a specific amount of juice thanks to its 1.2-liter capacity. Consuming fruits’ nutrients is vital to support your daily health. Keeping that in mind, Sage has designed Nutri juicer plus with innovative central feed technology. This allows you to extract up to 70% of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables with minimum heat transfer.

The Nutri juicer plus centrifugal juicer from the house of reliable brand Sage is easy to clean and use, thanks to its user-friendly design and dishwasher safe feature. Also, you can easily assemble and disassemble its parts to clean it without any hassle. You just need to take this product to the sink after use and clean all parts easily.

At $350, Sage BJE520UK The Nutri Juicer Plus Centrifugal Juicer – Silver 220-240 Volts is a good deal. So, what are you waiting for? Just purchase this product from the house of Sage and enjoy a pleasant process and get ideal results, every time.

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