Are you fond of fried food? If yes, then there is good news for you!        

Philips has launched a kitchen appliance with unique Rapid Air technology. This technology allows you to fry snacks or foods with little or no oil. Also, it is easy to clean, safe and economical for routine use in your home. Philips’ Viva Air Fryer Export Only 220 Volts offers a healthy alternative to deep fat frying. This means you can enjoy tasty foods with up to 80% less fat.  

With a unique design and perfect functioning, HD9220/40 Viva Air Fryer is perfect for delicious and low-fat healthy cooking. This fryer combines fast heating, innovative design and optimal heating profile. This allows you to fry different types of mouth-watering fried food in a fast, easy and healthy way without adding oil.

Now you can prepare crispy golden-brown fried snacks at the right time and temperature with hardly any effort, thanks to its auto-off with the sound of ready bell functions. A dial at the top of this fryer lets you set the best cooking temperature while integrated 30-minute timer controls the cooking time up to 30 minutes. So, you can set the cooking time as per our convenience.  And on the back, there is sufficient place for cord storage. Besides this, its high-power performance makes it perfect for quick cooking. And its 2.2L capacity enables you to cook a large amount of food.

Elegant look yet excellent functioning, Philips HD9220/40 Viva Air Fryer is a great complement for kitchen counter-tops. Besides this, you can use this appliance for gift purposes. It will be a perfect gift for various occasions.  And it sits easily on the kitchen bench without taking too much space because of its compact size. The design of Philips includes non-slip feet, power on light and cool-touch hand grips for extreme safety purposes during frying. Apart from this, all parts of this product are dishwasher safe, so, it is easy for cleaning.

If your priority is mouth-watering fried food without worrying about fat content, consider Philips HD9220/40 Viva Air Fryer Export Only 220 Volts. It is an elegant, modern and efficient air fryer that makes healthy fresh fried foods. This kitchen appliance not only comes with plenty of features but also works well in all aspects.

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