With so many options available in the market today, selecting the perfect appliance for your kitchen is very important. Kitchenaid’s hand mixer is a perfect appliance for your kitchen. When you bring this model home, it will help you complete messy and time-consuming tasks without any hassle. This hand mixer is also perfect for efficient kneading, whisking, beating, mixing and other cooking tasks.

With stainless steel make, durability and easy to use features, Kitchenaid 5KHM9212EER Hand Mixer Empire Red 220 Volts can perform both light and heavy kitchen tasks. Its ease of use and seamless design make this product perfect for gifts too. However, other features of this product will let you know why this hand mixer is truly the best fit for you.

9-speed control

This Kitchenaid’s hand mixer comes with 9 speed controls for preparation of various cuisines. Whatever task you have in hand, you can adjust its speed according to your needs. This function lets you adjust the motor speed as per the ingredients you are processing for perfect blending results.

Efficient and powerful DC Motor

5KHM9212EER series hand mixer from the house of Kitchenaid is equipped with efficient and powerful DC motor. This motor ensures fast and effortless cooking tasks like blending, whipping and mixing. Also, it delivers high performance.

Beater Attachment

This red color hand mixer comes with two specially designed stainless steel turbo beaters attachment for superior beating or kneading experience. This attachment allows you to make whipped cream from cream, beat eggs to make a meringue or mix thin cake batter.

Light weight and easy handling

Kitchenaid 5KHM9212EER Hand Mixer Empire Red has a weight of just 1.1kg which makes it a very lightweight kitchen appliance. Also, it is featured with soft grip handle with LED speed indicator for convenient and safe handling.

Easy to clean

This hand mixer has a smooth surface, compact design and removable stand. So, you can clean it easily and quickly by removing stand and detaching beaters.

Overall, it is perfect kitchen appliances

Kitchenaid 5KHM9212EER Hand Mixer Empire Red 220 Volts is one of the best kitchen appliances you will find in the market. From kneading dough, beating eggs to mixing, this hand mixer is perfect tool for completing all types of cooking tasks. All in all, this hand mixer will not let you down. You will definitely enjoy working in the kitchen using this user-friendly appliance.

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