Hitachi NV65AF3 Pneumatic 2½“ Coil Nailer 220 Volts is reliable and powerful, which means it helps you get work done fast and without any hassles. So, if you are looking for a quick job, NV65AF3 model of Hitachi is what you need. This coil nailer includes a solid construction to ensure maximum durability. Due to its high-performance capabilities, it is one of the most contractor-preferred pneumatic tools.

Hitachi NV65AF3 Pneumatic 2½“ Coil Nailer 220 Volts  can help you complete many jobs. Whether you are using it for  decking, cladding and fencing purposes, you can use it the way you want. From industrial to small jobs,  you can use this product for all type of tasks without any hassles. This product comes with safety glasses and  a case to carry.

Here are some features mentioned below that will help you to know why you should purchase it for your nailing  jobs.

Versatile Nailer

NV65AF3 Pneumatic 2½“Coil Nailer from the house of Hitachi is a versatile nailer. It is compatible with 16° wire collated or 15° plastic collated coil nails fastener series. The ideal operating air pressure of this pneumatic coil Nailer is 70-120psi. For flush or deep driving applications, the tool-less depth dial enables easy depth setting. You can adjust nail-depth easily and quickly for further convenience.

Excellent maneuverability

Hitachi Nv65af3 Pneumatic 2½“ Coil Nailer 220 Volts is easy to maneuver as it is lightweight at just 1.9kg. Well-balanced design of this product ensures easy one-handed operation. This pneumatic coil nailer is featured with belt hook that keeps tool close to user & offers hands-free convenience. For comfort and making work easy, it is equipped with a soft and long-lasting grip handle.

Other features of Hitachi’s nailer

  • 1¼” x .083- 2½” x 0.099 Nail length x Dia
  • 360° adjustable exhaust enables exhaust to be directed away from the user
  • Easily adjustable magazine increases reloading speed when changing nail lengths
  • Nail holder angles to ease placing nail coils into the magazine


A Pneumatic 2½“ Coil Nailer is an important tool in any workshop, allowing for the ply bracing, strapping, tile underlay, pallet & crate manufacturing, and fencing. Whether you are looking to use it for industrial tasks or small tasks, this coil nailer is a sure winner. Priced just around $343, we think the NV65AF3 is a solid deal.

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