Review: Black and Decker HS3000 Handy Steamer For 220 Volts

The food steamer is a handy kitchen appliance that can let you cook healthier meals. It uses steam to heat and cook the food, while it is enclosed in a specially designed cooking vessel that prevents heat and steam from escaping. One of the top manufacturers of steamers is Black and Decker. You might come across an array of products from that brand, but the HS300 Handy Steamer for 220 volts can be a good choice if you are looking for this kind of appliance that will fit the needs of a medium to large family.

Black and Decker HS3000 Handy Steamer for 220 volts comes with two steaming bowls with capacities of 4.3 and 3.2 liters. Detachable separators provide more flexibility on the size of the steaming bowls. There is an egg holder that lets you boil eggs while having other kinds of food steamed. A water level indicator lets you know immediately about the water level, and the water addition tray eases and simplifies refilling of water while the steamer is running. It is easier to cook perfectly timed recipes as the 60-minute timer will ensure precision.

The egg holders that come with the Black and Decker HS3000 Handy Steamer for 220 volts already make this appliance versatile. Besides that, you get a rice bowl accessory, which allows you to cook rice. This way, the steamer allows you to make a full, balanced meal without using multiple appliances. The body has a food guide, so you can easily determine how long particular types of food must be left in the steamer. Simply refer to the indicator light to determine if the steamer is still running.

Cleaning the Black and Decker HS3000 Handy Steamer for 220 volts is easy due to the dishwasher-safe parts. Black and Decker provide a two-year warranty for this product. However, since it runs on 220 volts, the Black and Decker HS3000 Handy Steamer is not compatible for use in American 110-volt electrical sockets.

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