Review: 500 Watts Platinum Series Step-Up and Step-Down Voltage Transformer

A step up and step-down voltage transformer can be a good investment if you find yourself frequently daunted by the different voltages of your appliances and the electrical sockets you use. It provides a worry-free way to safely use 220-volt or 110-volt appliances no matter where you go. The step-up function lets you use 220-volt appliances in 110-volt countries, and the step-down function lets you plug 110-volt American appliances to 220-volt electrical sockets in other countries. One of the best products you can consider is the 500 watts Platinum Series Step Up and Step-Down Voltage Transformer. It lets you avoid the guesswork involved on whether to step down or step up.

The Platinum Series Heavy Transformer lets you use US 110-volt appliances abroad, and 220-volt appliances from overseas in America. It is CE approved and has built-in fuse protection, making it deemed one of the best in the market. It comes at a reasonable price, too, in case you are on a budget but in dire need of a high-quality step up and step-down voltage transformer for a trip. The device will effectively regulate the current that flows in your appliances, regardless of their voltage.

The 500 Watts Platinum Series Step UP and Step-Down Voltage Transformer has an indicator lamp and an on and off switch. The power cord is insulated and hard-wired with a European schuko plug, which may also be practical for Asian electrical outlets. There is a handle on the body of the transformer for easy transport. The product itself is fairly compact, so it should not take up too much space. Two spare fuses are included when you purchase this from a reputable manufacturer, along with a free grounded plug adapter for African/Asian/European 2 round prongs.

One of the downsides of this step up and step-down voltage transformer is the limited number of outlets, which is only two. It can be troublesome if you have a lot of devices or appliances to use. However, it can still be handy if you only have a few appliances to use at a time.

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