Remarkable Features to Look for in a Brand-New 240 Volt Hair Straightener

Are you looking for a brand-new hair iron with 240 volts? Not sure how to choose the best one from so many options in the market? Here is a list of some of the note-wworthy features that you should be looking for in a new 240-volt hair straightener.

Flat and sharp edges

If you want your hair to look straight like you just got a Keratin hair treatment, then find a 240-volt hair straightener with flat and sharp edges. It will give your hair a straighter appearance than a hair straightener with rounded outer edges.

Rounded edges

But if you want to turn your hair straightener into improvised curling iron, then choose the one with round edges. With this hair straightener, you can achieve beach wavy hair and other styles.

Adjustable heat settings

While high heat helps you straighten hair faster and more effectively, it may easily cause hair damage. It is not always advisable to use a very hot hair straightener unless you have very little time to prepare. It’s still better to find a flat iron with adjustable heat settings so you can control it and find the lowest heat setting that gets you the results you want.

An Instant heat recovery system

One of the most remarkable safety features you will find in most modern flat irons is the instant heat recovery system. It allows the hair straightener to maintain a consistent heat level and minimize heat loss.

Dual voltage

Instead of buying a 240-volt hair straightener, why not choose one that works for both 120-volt and 240-volt wall outlets? This way, you can bring your hair iron when traveling to countries that use a 110-volt system. You don’t need to worry about packing a voltage converter and a universal plug adapter, as well as risk damaging your hair straightener. Plus, you can also make sure that your hair looks great during your overseas travels.

Automatic shut off

Leaving your flat iron ‘on’ in the home can lead to catastrophe. This is why you want a 240-volt hair straightener that can shut off automatically when not in use.

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