Qualities of PAL to NTSC Video Converter

Have you ever wondered why you cannot play European produced content in America? That is because of the different color encoding systems that these regions are using. The USA uses NTSC, and Europe uses PAL. NTSC stands for ‘National Television System Committee’ and PAL is ‘Phase Alternating Line,’ the color encoding system in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Apart from having different electrical power requirements, their resolutions qualities differ, too. So, to be able to play PAL content in an NTSC region, you will need a PAL to NTSC video converter.

NTSC uses 60 hertz as electrical power. This means that it sends signals at 60 pulses per second, resulting in 30 lines of images. PAL uses 50 hertz, so that means it produces signals at 25 lines of the image. A PAL to NTSC video converter will make a PAL video be viewable in an NTSC region. It increases the number of resolution lines or frames of PAL to make it compatible with NTSC, and it does this automatically, so you do not have to manually convert videos. Some converters can also convert NTSC to PAL, so you get an all-in-one system that can be used in case you are viewing NTSC content in a PAL region.

When buying a PAL to NTSC video converter, make sure that its firmware is up-to-date and that it can already convert to full HD 1080p resolution. Moreover, it should be able to process audio and video simultaneously to avoid delays. Look for ‘no field memory,’ the latest digital technology the enables direct conversion without losing any signal. Consider a converter with a time base corrector that can up-convert signals to HDMI 1080 and up-convert analog signals to full HD 1080p. The PAL to NTSC video converter is easy to use with any modern plasma or LCD TV. It lets you take your NTSC HDTV overseas to a PAL country, too, so you do not have to worry about not being able to view NTSC content abroad.

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