Purchasing an Energy Efficient 220 Volt Air Conditioner

Everybody needs a good air conditioning system to stay comfortable even in the warmest months of the year. High-quality 220-volt air conditioners are exactly what you want. Apart from air cooling, they circulate and filter it, too, removing any pollutants that may be lingering in your surroundings. Plus, they protect furniture from humidity and moisture, resulting in long-lasting wood and fabric.

220-volt window air conditioners even offer a few health benefits. Professionals agree that air conditioning systems reduce the possibility of asthma attacks, keep insects and parasites away from your area, and improve sleep.

However, you can only take advantage of these benefits when purchasing the best and most energy-efficient 220-volt air conditioners in the market. So what do you need to look out for to get one? Consider the short buying guide below:

Energy efficiency

It’s unavoidable; when the weather gets too hot,you’ll end up using your air conditioner for much longer than you expected, which means spending more on electricity. Still, it’s possible to reduce your expenses. All you need is an energyefficient 220-volt window air conditioner. You can find a model’s efficiency by looking at its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), indicating the BTU an AC unit uses for each watt of power. The higher the EER, the more efficient the unit.

Cooling capacity

It’s useless to purchase a 220-volt window air conditioner without enough cooling capacity for your room. Similar to energy efficiency, the cooling capacity of the unit is determined by its BTU power. Make sure to find systems with BTU levels designed to fit the square footage of your available space.

Additional features

The best 220-volt air conditioners don’t just provide cool air. They also come with various features and functions, depending on their manufacturers. For example, some systems come with adjustable fan speeds to suit your level of comfort. Others may have different operating modes, such as cool mode, dry mode, sleep mode, and energy-saver mode, giving you more control over the airflow and temperature.

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